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In transportation, you have to spend out-of-pocket to keep your trucks running before your customer pays a dime. If you don’t get the invoice paid, you’re stuck.

For more than a decade, Eagle Capital has
helped transportation professionals stay
on the road serving new customers.
Eagle immediately pays you for your invoice, then we collect from your customer. You’re free to do
what you do best.

Want to get back on the road?

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The Premier Freight Factoring Company

Get your money now, and then get back on the road! As a professional in the transportation industry, you understand how essential sufficient cash flow is to operation. If you don’t get an invoice paid right away, you’re stuck paying out of pocket to keep your trucks running. And without the necessary cash flow, your business is stuck in its tracks.

Let Eagle help you get paid and back on the road today.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped transportation professionals just like you stay on the road by offering customized, accounts receivable funding programs suited to meet your unique needs – all without ever binding a client to a contract.

Invoice Factoring Services

At Eagle Capital, we help businesses in the transportation industry maintain their operations on the road by paying on the spot for pending customer invoices. We give you the cash up front, and then collect from your customer at the end of process. We charge a small, reasonable fee that will never fluctuate – no matter how many (or few) invoices you send. The best part? You’re back on the road without skipping a beat.

Funding for Freight Companies

As the premier provider among transportation factoring companies, we specialize in providing you with the cash flow you need to continue operations unhindered. At Eagle, we purchase your accounts receivables and in turn we deliver you the money you need – often the same day.

The process is simple and it works like this:

  1. 1. You finish your customer’s order or project
  2. 2. You send us your invoice
  3. 3. We send you the cash you need

With Eagle Capital Corporation, you have a true financial partner among freight bill factoring companies that is sensitive to your business needs and works seamlessly with you to help your business move forward. We relieve your back office headaches and free you from the risk of debt.

Ready to get out of the office and back on the road? Let us help you with your business cash flow needs. Call us today at 800-483-7079.